How Blogging Can Help Fund Your Travels

How Blogging Can Help Fund Your Travels

Do you want to travel around the world long-term or even forever?

As crazy as it sounds, it really is possible, and more people are looking into this. However, the question of how to fund long-term travel is a stumbling block for many. There is, however, another option to passively fund your extended (or permanent!) travel adventure. You only have to do a quick search online to see a growing number of travel blogs or travel review websites cropping up, mostly created by people who are living the dream of travelling long-term or permanently.

So what is the ‘heads-up’ on that?

Well I’ve noticed that most of these travel blogs or review sites contain advertising banners, affiliate links to products and other covert online marketing methods. These are all designed to produce a passive income for the site author when a visitor ‘clicks’ on any of these banners or affiliate links on the site. The author of the site will receive a commission percentage of the sale if a visitor ends up buying a product through their affiliate link.

I believe that the ‘secret-sauce’ in doing this is to regularly update the blog or site with fresh content, that is relevant to what the site is about. By using quality content, that visitors are going to find informative, will encourage them to share the site with friends on social media. Also, by regularly updating the content, it will boost rankings with the major search engines, drive more traffic to the site and hopefully result in an increase of ‘clicks’ on the advertising banners and affiliate links.

Recently I came across a blog and niche website ‘system’ called Google Sniper, which has been created by a guy in the UK called George Brown. In his training system, George explains how to quickly create numerous blogs and niche websites and how to get them to rank with the major search engines. These blogs or niche websites are designed to promote or review various products online and allow the visitor to make an informed decision prior to any purchase. Similar to the travel blog example I mentioned earlier, the author of the niche site will get paid an affiliate commission if someone decides to purchase a product through their link. Affiliate commissions paid out through websites like Clickbank or Clicksure can run as high as 75% of the purchase price. This is definitely something that needs looking into further… thanks George!

I think that George’s system would be a great way to quickly learn the ropes on how to create passive, money-making blogs or niche sites. I can see some real potential here in helping fund travelling around the world. You can watch a video and find out more about George’s system by clicking the link below:

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